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A-Plus on financial gains and the showbiz industry.

by Fila News Gh

A-Plus who is known to be vocal and politically inclined has expressed some hard hitting views on various issues that affect the Ghanaian showbiz industry. As usual of him, taking his round on issues affecting the entertainment industry, A-Plus stated that entertainers must sit up and look at other viable sources of growing their incomes.

A-Plus also known as Kwame Asare Obeng continued that, people who claim the entertainment industry in the past did not come with monetary rewards, are not entirely correct. He stated that, financial gains made by Ghanaian entertainers then, was what befitted them, as pay for the work they did. He added that the value of money now indeed is not like it was years ago but at that time, the money’s value could equally do a lot.

He confessed that he when was in active music also did not put some monies he made then, into good use. But the same cannot be said today, because he now knows better. He passionately asked musicians to bring up great investment ideas, seek sponsorship, to help bring to life these ideas as a complimentary source of making income. He advised entertainers to leverage on the huge followers they have on social media to cash in and grow other business brands making money in return.

A-Plus made his concerns known on the weekly television discussion program, “United Showbiz” hosted by Abeku Santana with panelist Bull god, Whitney Boakye, Gloria Sarfo and Osofo Kumchacha.

The never ending conversation of how entertainers/musicians retire from active work into unexplained poverty seems never to go away. On the evening of Thursday, September 16, 2021, news broke out of Kohwe’s passing. Kohwe was once a very sort after actor and one will think he cashed out in his prime. But at the later stages of his life, he had to be financially supported by friends, family and loved ones.

Psalm Adjeteyfio, popularly known as “TT” of “Taxi Driver” fame also recently has come out asking the public to support him pay his rent and foot his medical bills.

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