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A woman with Disability Raises 4 Kids from Different Fathers after they impregnate her and fled

by Fila News Gh

A woman with Disability who has four children with different fathers has lamented how the men came to impregnate her and then disappeared into thin air, leaving her with the burden of fending for them and herself alone.

According to Joyce Kansime the woman with Disability, Says when the father of her first child approached and professed love to her, she believed that he meant his words, but after getting her pregnant, the man fled and never returned. Then another man appeared and promised her heaven on earth, but did the same thing as the first man, and it continued like that until she ended up with four children with different fathers to cater for single-handedly, despite her physical challenge.

Speaking to Afrimax English, Kansime said: “I have four kids, and all have four different fathers, and I don’t even know their names or addresses.”

She recounted how some people told her subsequently that men have this exciting notion that sleeping with her would engender wealth and good luck, hence they always sweet-talk her to have their way and then flee.

What baffles her is that the men do not return to see their children if indeed sleeping with her opened doors of prosperity for them.

“They never return to see their children or support them.

“None of the men returned for one to know if they got the success they wanted. People say they always have one thing in mind: wealth and luck. They say it is the only ticket for making it in life,” Kansime cried.

Although she is physically challenged, she manages to provide for herself and the children. She is seeking help from the general public to make her life and those of her children comfortable. She has also entreated the estranged fathers of the various children to return to see them and help take care of them.

Kansime was not born disabled; she recalled her mother telling her that she could walk normally like any other person until she suffered from tetanus and was taken to the hospital, where she was given an injection before she became paralysed later.

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