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Why Blakk Rasta described Sarkodie as fake and a pretender

by Fila News Gh
Blakk Rasta

Controversial radio personality cum singer, Blakk Rasta has accused Sarkodie of having a fake personality.

According to him, the rapper has been among the celebrities who pretend to have a good personality but in reality, they are fake and liars.

Speaking on his Urban Blend show on 3FM, the presenter argued that anyone who has had an encounter with him should be able to determine how fake he is adding that, he has a lot of proof to back his statement.

“People pretend to be who they are not and Sarkodie is one of those people; no two ways about that. Now if you have followed Sarkodie and you want to remove that veil from your eyes, you would know that this is a fake guy. There are so many things I can say about Sarkodie but for the fact that I would not have time to go through that, I would just mention a couple of them”, he stated.

One issue he raised to back his claims about Sarkodie was the fact that the rapper was unable to fund the treatment of a sick girl who came to him for help, rather than soliciting the said money from fans on Twitter.

He added that Sarkodie always says ‘money no be problem’ but he could not afford to pay for the sick girl’s treatment.

“There was a time Sarkodie was seeking some finance to help a girl who was sick. I think the amount involved was about GHC10,000 and this was about two years ago. Sarkodie came on Twitter and was asking people to donate to the cost of GHC10,000 to take care of a sick child who was in ICU.

“Yet, this is the same person who says ‘money no be problem’. If money is no problem, if somebody you claim is in ICU wants the money, you come and sit on Twitter and ask fans to donate”, he explained.

Watch the video below

Sarkodie is a fake guy. – @BlakkRasta reveals some secrets about the award-winning rapper

Full video: https://t.co/m7RrnVw1uj #UrbanBlend pic.twitter.com/XgfaVOfuoR— #3FM927???? (@3fm927) June 28, 2023

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