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Video Reveals How a Feud Sparked Flames at Ritz Junction

by Fila News Gh
Ritz Junction

While numerous shop owners at the Madina Ritz Junction have returned to the once vibrant business hub, which housed their shops and, for some, nightclubs.

Certain victims are demanding immediate action to address the recurring fires they have experienced. According to them, these fires are not the result of natural incidents or electrical faults, but deliberate acts perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals.

One of the individuals affected is a man who owned a popular spare parts shop located on the roadside. His shop was completely destroyed in the recent fire, and he is uncertain about resuming business in that location.

McBen Yolee, the proprietor of the Abandenden (Driver’s Friend) Spare Parts Shop, expressed his frustration, stating that the losses they have incurred amount to millions of dollars.

He also highlighted that this was not the first time they had to deal with fires in their shops within a short span of time. He questioned whether there are any regulations governing this specific area and lamented that those who dutifully pay taxes end up bearing the consequences. This has led him to wonder if the management of the area is aware of these issues.

Godwin, the hype-man at the severely affected Guymen Night Club in the Ritz Junction, revealed in an interview that one of the individuals involved in the dispute used to work at the club. He added that he believes the incident was motivated by jealousy.

Watch the full video below:

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