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Structures all over: Why Do We Do This To Ourselves? (Part 2)

by Fila News Gh
Structures all over

Did I just hear you say am here again? Ah well you said right. I will continue to write about how I believe my community and the country as a whole can get better because if it gets worst I suffer also. I am sure you have observed all the ills and structures all over that occur in your immediate environment as well as when you hit town. It will get well but until then let me keep engaging you here.

I continue to observe the springing up of unauthorized structures all over the place. Yes, rent rates are sky rocketing day in day out but this does not warrant the condoning of illegalities. The recent Population and Housing Population census even captured issues about siting of illegal structures all over and across the country. About 20 percent according to the census has Ghanaian leaving in uncompleted structures all over.

Yes, it is true for example the placing of containers and kiosk all over the place is to allow traders engage in their business, but what they forget is the danger they put other road or pavement users to when these structures all over does. A speeding car who loses its lane, runs into and kill people around and in the container. The next thing is public outcry asking for compensation for the victims. What happened to the public alerting the wrong doers at the initial stages of their actions when structures all over is in our faces?

It is true that persons have been put in positions to carry out duties to help keep the city clean. Until they sit up and carry their duties to the latter, I think citizens should play their roles as patriots.

Do you know any amusement park in Ghana that is very functional? Did you say the Efua Sutherland park? Hmmnnn. I guess it’s been a while you used the roads leading in and out of the area. The park needs to be given attention to reclaim its past glory and stay relevant as an alternative spot for releasing stress. Yes, a place one can go and scream some lungs out or perhaps listening to the birds make some melodious music. That park is a money making space when harness can generate good income and employment. It has gradually been turned into a car park.

 My other issue is the craze of tricycles carrying refuse all over the place. These tricycles popularly known as aboboya not only disturb you due to loud megaphones used to draw attention of clients. You will find these same aboboyas over load with rubbish and plastics flowing off unto the streets. They collect well packaged refuse from our various homes and succeed in distributing it along the way as they head to the refuse dump. In Ghana an individual starts a business which seem to be going well then suddenly, you find everyone jumping on board. “Would bes” will not learn the tenants of the business neither will they seek to improve their mode of operandi. Rubbish carried by these tricycles was started by an individual then boom, just like wild fire it catches up all over the place.

Aboboya carrying Rubbish

All the above I know is nothing new to you and you are even wondering why am bothered. Well its about time things start taking proper shape in my motherland and I will want to be part of the movement. Sirens! Yes your saw right. Another thorn in the flesh of most road users. The challenge is even the inability to distinguish the genuine users from those abusing it.

The other day a woman had to run quickly whiles crossing the street because she was suddenly met with a speeding siren blurring vehicle on her blind side. The thing is everyone who can afford a siren now purchases it, installs it on his vehicle, case close. To this effect other drivers on the road feel very reluctant to even create way for a genuine siren blurring vehicle. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles now have to plead for right of way even in serious emergency situations. There are a lot of things that needs a change in our behavior as citizens of this country. One day it will get better but until then play your role as a patriot let me play mine as a concerned citizen. Akpe (Thank you).

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