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Samsung Ghana signs poor GH man seen in the video saying ‘Samsung phones are better than iPhones’

by Fila News Gh
Samsung Ghana

A lucky Ghanaian man is on the verge of securing a big deal with Samsung Ghana after being seen in a video defending their brand.

According to the content of the viral video, he intimated that Samsung phones rank ahead of iPhones due to many factors.

He buttressed his point by stating that Samsung Mobile is innovative by creating diverse phone models.

According to him, Samsung phones have better picture quality, could be connected to a television, and have the best functionality.

The guy also added spice to the Android-iOS debate by complimenting Samsung for being a game-changer and a pacesetter in the industry.

He concluded by refuting all the grandiose things that are said about iPhones and maintaining that current Samsung phones are not only durable or quality, but also they come in handy with better specs.

On the back of that, the destiny of the gentleman is about to be changed, as Samsung Ghana has expressed genuine interest in securing a deal for him.

This meant that he could be made an ambassador for the phone brand or probably be compensated for defending their brand and marketing it to many others.

In a tweet, Samsung Ghana pleaded with the public to get them connected to the fan.

Samsung Ghana

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