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Photographer deletes all photos after being denied food at a wedding

by Fila News Gh

An angry photographer has done the unthinkable by deleting all photos he took at a wedding event after being denied food.

According to him, he isn’t a professional photographer but his friend was having his wedding and wanted the services of a photographer but he didn’t have enough cash.

His friend suggested that he take up the role of a photographer on the day for Ghc2,500.

Despite not being too happy with the idea he agreed to be the photographer on the day.

They agreed that he started taking the shots from 11:30 am to 7 pm when the program came to an end.

According to him, he accompanied the bride and filmed her as she greeted each guest individually and shot images of them as well while they were out and about.

He continued that food was served at around 5 PM but the groom who happened to be his friend told him not to stop taking pictures or videos otherwise he will kick him out without paying for his work.

When the food was being shared he approached his friend to ask if he could take a break and eat some of the food but the groom repeated his earlier statement to him.

Feeling angry he walked back and deleted all the photos and videos of the event from the camera to teach him a lesson.

“I deleted all the photos I took in front of him and took off saying I’m not his photographer anymore,” he wrote as his final statement.”

Sincerely, if I had been paid $250 at that point, all I would have needed was a glass of cool water and a place to sit for five minutes, he continued.

He also said that he had run out of water quickly and that no table at all had been set up for him.

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