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Is Kamala Harris in Ghana to discuss LGBTQ+? – NDC man fumes over Jubilee House lights

by Fila News Gh

Vice President Kamala Harris of the United States of America’s visit to Ghana has drawn criticism from the Bono Regional deputy communications director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Eric Adjei.

Eric Adjei contends that if the Harris’ coming to Ghana has anything to do with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQI+) advocacy, Ghanaians ought to be aware of it.

His remark comes after footage of the Jubilee House (presidency) lighting depicting Ghanaian and American flag colours went viral on social media, with some people claiming it was rather that rainbow colours of the same-sex movement.

Speaking in a panel discussion on United Television on March 27, 2023, he argued that if the country wants to show appreciation by welcoming the Vice President with a design on the Jubilee House, the Ghana colours should have been the best option for the country rather than using colours that depict LGBTQI+.

“President Akufo Addo, we’re aware that you like gay stuff, I’m telling you this morning. You are the same person who went to tell the whites that there’s no pressure in Ghana so if there’s pressure everything is possible.

“Flagstaff House, do you have some of the pictures of the gay design that they used to design the presidency, I believe you saw it.

“Don’t we know the gay colours? So, if Kamala Harris comes to Ghana and we want to do a lighting system at the presidency, can’t we use the Ghana flag colours instead? Is it a sin to use Ghana flag?

“Why, is it about a gay discussion that they’re coming to have here, they should tell us. The whole Jubilee House today, look at the lighting system… A whole presidency is branded gay colour why?” he lamented.

Eric Adjei further stated that parliamentarians should take immediate action on the proposed LGBTQI+ bill in if they oppose the actions of those who are identified as lesbians/gays.

“I’m not even surprised that the proposed bill, there’s silence on it. If you the parliamentarians are also endorsing gay matters, do something about it immediately. President, as for you, you’re out of hand, so do whatever you want we’re tired,” he added.

Barely 24 hours after Kamala Harris, arrived in Ghana for a three-day state visit.

The seat of government, the Jubilee House was lighted up with Ghana and the United States of America’s national colours.

This is to signify the cordial relationship that exists between the two countries.

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