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Insurance for Young Drivers

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Insurance for Young Drivers

Cheap car insurance for young drivers

Since 2006, we’ve been on a mission to make car insurance for young drivers more affordable and accessible! So, we’re here to help you compare new driver insurance options available and answer your burning questions to help you get cheaper car insurance.

Young drivers could save over £300 insuring their own car with Marmalade versus the average UK quote for drivers aged under 25 (Consumer Intelligence Price Index – June 2022). Or, if getting your own car is out of reach, we can help make getting on the road even cheaper with savings of up to £1000, for young drivers who choose our flexible car sharing insurance.

What type of insurance do young drivers need?

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If you’re looking for insurance cover that protects you and any other parties involved should you have an accident, comprehensive cover is the best, and often the cheapest option. The comprehensive cover gives you the peace of mind that should you be involved in an accident, your car repairs or cost for replacement will be sorted so you won’t have to foot the entire bill yourself.

Other insurance options are Third Party which, as the name suggests, covers only the third party if you’re in an accident, and Third-Party Fire & Theft which also covers you should your car be stolen.

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, insurance isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing – your coverage, and the cost of your coverage will depend on your circumstances. Don’t assume that a full annual policy on a car you own is your only option – cover on a parent’s car or temporary car insurance may suit you better.

There are so many different options to get you cheap insurance – it’s all about finding the right policy for you. Using our handy product finder tools is the quickest and easiest way to save you money on your insurance.

How much does car insurance cost for young drivers?

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The average cost of insuring a young driver’s own car with Marmalade is £1367, versus the UK national average price of £1669 for a 17-25 year-old (based on Consumer Intelligence Car Insurance Price index (June 2022). For young drivers without their own car – car sharing insurance mean there are further savings that could be made.

For young drivers without their own car – car sharing insurance allows savings of up to £1000 to be made – as our average Pay as You Go, Insurance customer, pays less than £543 for a year’s cover!

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