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In Kenya, marriage is ‘men marrying women’ – President rejects LGBTQ+

by Fila News Gh
Kenya President

Kenyan president William Ruto has spoken out about same-sex relationships, stressing that his country will stick strictly to what their customs, traditions, and 2010 Constitution say of marriage and relationships.

Touting the constitution as one of the most progressive documents for its scope in terms of the rights of people as enshrined in it, he said Kenyans will respect all rights to the extent that they are legal.

He stressed in an interview with a German broadcaster earlier this week, however, that his country has no issue with how marriage is interpreted or understood in other jurisdictions.

“In Kenya, the only understanding of relationships around marriage is around men marrying women, that is the context of relationships that exists in Kenya and is provided for in our constitution.

“It (same-sex marriage) can happen elsewhere, we have no issue with people celebrating their issues in America and other countries, that is their choice,” he stressed when asked about a recent anti-same-sex law promulgated in neighboring Uganda.

“In Kenya, we have taken a position, the position of the Constitution, the position of the laws as it is today, if that is what they (Ugandans) want to do, we cannot dictate to Germans or French or Americans or Ugandans if that is what they want to do.

“That is theirs to do, for us as a country, we have taken a position that is informed by our culture, our tradition, our Constitution, and our laws,” he stressed.

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