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12 Proven Strategies on How to Make Money on Twitter

by Fila News Gh
How to Make Money on Twitter

Do you want to know how to make money on Twitter? You probably use Twitter to promote your brand or company, whether you run a blog or own a business.

With 126 million daily active users, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, so there are a ton of people you can introduce to your company. You tweet frequently in the hopes that some of those 126 million people will see them and look you up.

However, where is the money?

You can make money on Twitter if you are consistent and dedicated to growing your account.

With that said, here are ten tried-and-true ways to make money on Twitter:

We’ll reveal some amazing ways to make money from Twitter in this article. However, you have to create your Twitter profile and Twitter following before we proceed to teach you how to earn money on the Twitter network.

Consequently, let’s look at what you can do to build a fantastic Twitter profile and draw in your target audience.

Make Money on Twitter: Create A Catchy Twitter Profile

Obviously, one needs a Twitter account in order to earn money on the platform. But not just any account. Your Twitter profile has to be optimized if you want to make money tweeting.

Check out this account, for instance:

Make Money on Twitter

What do you see? A whole lotta nothing, right? Now, take a look at this Twitter profile:

One of the best strategies to increase sales for your company to make money online is to build an email list. You may communicate with your subscribers directly using email marketing to share business news or your most recent blog entries, make product announcements, advertise flash specials, and more.

WPForms claims that automated emails may increase income by up to 320%.

Create an exit-intent popup using MailChimp to capture your visitors’ attention before they leave your site in order to grow your email list.

You may easily increase the size of your email list by giving out a lead magnet, also known as a guide, checklist, eBook, or template in return for your visitor’s email addresses.

Let’s get to it:

Your most valuable asset may very well be your email list.

Your readers receive an email from you in their inbox every time you publish a piece of content and hit the send button.

Either you or someone else can sell products or services.

It’s an easy method to make $1,000 or more each month.

Promote Your Business

Promoting your own goods to your followers is one of the best ways and a terrific strategy to generate money on Twitter if you sell your own goods. Since they already follow you, your followers are probably interested in the goods you sell and start making money.

Simply share a post if you’re wondering how to market a product on Twitter.

Take a look at this Lush tweet for an illustration.

Sell Your Products and/or Services

Selling your goods or services is far less expensive and difficult than you would imagine.

In actuality, it’s free because of Twitter.

Here’s how to get started selling right away:

How to do it

Choose the online store or marketplace where you wish to offer your goods or services (examples include Amazon, Etsy, Gumroad, etc.).
Decide on the price you want to charge.
Include a link on your profile to your goods and services. page arriving on Twitter
Add a “plug” for your goods or services to effective tweets and threads to spread the word about them.
Sending targeted, personalized, and high-quality direct messages will help you connect with your audience.
Think about advertising your goods and services in your emails.

Create Twitter Ads

You may also create a Twitter ad to increase sales for your company. It will assist your company in expanding its online customer base, including not just your present followers but also other Twitter users. The more individuals who know about your company, the more sales you may generate.

The sample below shows how Ads are clearly marked as “promoted” while yet having the same appearance as regular tweets in the stream.

Post Sponsored Tweets

Posting sponsored tweets from your Twitter account is one of the most popular methods to monetize your account on Twitter.

Naturally, the objective would be to sell the goods or services that were advertised in your sponsored tweet.

Here is an illustration:


Your contract will determine how much you may make; some may pay you by: 

  • how many clicks your post receives
  • how many people follow you on Twitter
  • The number of email leads generated by your post The volume of conversions your post causes

Earn Monthly Revenue with Super Follows

Twitter’s new feature since it was first made available to a small group of users in September 2021.

Those with 10,000 or more Twitter followers can use the function.

A Twitter Super Followers enabled looks like this:

Ticketed Spaces

Want to start generating monthly income by distributing information available to subscribers to your Twitter followers?

Here is how it works:

Make a polished Twitter profile.
Increase the number of genuine followers you have on Twitter to over 10,000.
Be 18 or older, reside in the US, have tweeted 25 times or more in the last 30 days, and other restrictions.
Go to the Twitter main menu.
Select “Monetization” from the menu.
Select “Super Follows” from the menu.
the Super Follows application in its entirety
Keep in mind that you might not have access to the Super Follows function because it is currently in the testing phase.

Use Ticketed Spaces

The popularity of Twitter Space grew quite substantially (and trust me, you can learn a lot by joining one of these spaces!).

You can access Twitter Space from your phone, and here’s what it will look like:

Ticketed Spaces

You may charge anywhere from $1 and $999 per listener per Ticketed Space.

Here’s how it works:

Go to your Twitter account’s Monetization page.
Select the Ticketed Spaces symbol.
Check that you match the minimum eligibility requirements (for example, 18+ years old, a full Twitter profile, a verified email address, and so on).
Fill out and submit the Ticketed Spaces application.
Accept the terms and conditions of Ticketed Spaces.
Finish the onboarding procedure.
Open and connect your Stripe and Twitter/Ticketed Spaces accounts.

Start a Community

You can create a community around almost anything and use Twitter to attract new members.

The nicest aspect of creating an online community is:

Your subscriptions might provide you with regular recurring revenue.

Consider this:

100 people
Membership is $5 each month.
$500 gross monthly passive income
Communities not only let you generate passive money, but they also allow you to expand your network!

What a win-win situation.

How to Go About It

Building an online community is time-consuming, but it can be extremely rewarding.

Here’s how it works:

Choose an online community platform (for example, Telegram, Discord, etc.).
Consider the specialty of your online community (fitness, Twitter participation, etc.).
Determine the monthly membership price for your community. 
Create a landing page to promote your online community (you may utilize platforms like Gumroad for this).
Promote your online community to your whole network.
It may take some time to establish your community’s membership, but it will be worthwhile.

Provide Customer Services

Quality customer service is essential for every successful organization. While offering customer service does not immediately help you make money, it can help you create new leads and retain your current clients.

According to HelpScout, 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers have paid extra money to do business with a firm that provides excellent service.

Consumers today want faster and more convenient customer service than ever before. That is why you should use Twitter for client service.

Get Clients

Finding and retaining customers may be difficult.

Thank goodness, Twitter provides such a wonderful network for connecting and interacting with customers.

How much would it cost you to get your first few customers?

If you gave a response other than “I don’t care,” you should get used to the notion that spending money is a necessary part of making a lot of money.

But only invest money in tried-and-true tactics.

How to proceed

It may be challenging to get clients on Twitter, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

The steps to close a client in 30 days are as follows:

  • Create informative and interesting content ideas
  • Engage with your followers on Twitter often through tweets and direct messages (DMs are frequently one of the finest methods to get in touch with potential customers).
  • Join Twitter Spaces on a regular basis to increase your exposure. To attract potential customers, provide a free product (such as an ebook or step-by-step instruction manual).
  • Consider promoting yourself, your products, and your services in free webinars for your Twitter followers.
  • It might be challenging or simple to get a customer on Twitter.

Your decision is yours.

Create Consistent Content that Adds Value

The second phase, producing consistent material, is probably the most difficult.

The keyword is consistent.

Even if you produce fantastic stuff and your tweet is made viral, if you don’t continuously provide new stuff, you’ll probably lose followers on Twitter. Fast.

Pro Tip:

If you want to be successful on Twitter, you’ll have to create content every day (I post between 1 to 3 tweets daily).

As you can see, if you want to grow your audience on Twitter, it is quite easy to turn it into a full-time profession.

These are my guidelines:

Add content if you want to grow a following.
Producing content is necessary to provide value to your audience.

Engage with Your Audience

Now that you have established:

  • A killer Twitter profile
  • A solid plan to create consistent content
  • It’s time to begin connecting and engaging with your Twitter audience.

I am a HUGE advocate for engaging and connecting with your audience – on as many levels as possible.

For example:

  • Direct Messages
  • Comment on others’ posts
  • Reply to comments on your posts
  • Ask genuine questions to get to know your audience

By showing that you are genuinely interested and by showing that you care about them, your audience will slowly trust you. 

Keep the conversation going.

Building trust is a lengthy process that requires time.

That is why, in order to be successful selling things, for example, on platforms like Twitter, it will most likely take some time (at least several months) until your reputation and trust with your followers is established.

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