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Dr. Lawrence writes:Anytime there are free and fair elections, NDC wins

by Fila News Gh
free and fair elections

Can anyone tell me the NPP’s collated results at the Assin North by-election before the Electoral Commission (EC) announced the final figures? Isn’t this the same NPP, who could tell us about the National figures two hours after polls closed? So, what happened at Assin North?

They announced their figures in Kumawu, an hour after polls closed, and challenged the NDC to announce theirs. They made a big deal out of this, even though Sammy Gyamfi and his team came out to say the NDC results didn’t matter.

They kept telling Ghanaians that NDC couldn’t collate their results.
When it happened to them in Assin North and they couldn’t collate their results, they are now blaming the NDC. Their problem is why should NDC be praising the EC for a free, fair, and transparent election. Do you see the evil political party Ghanaians are dealing with?

In Assin North, when the elections were conducted in a fairly and transparent manner, didn’t the NDC beat the NPP by more than 3,000 votes as compared to the 2020 elections? I suspect that in 2020, some of Hon Quayson’s votes were added to that of Nana Addo.

So, if the NDC says any time the EC would conduct free, fair, and transparent elections, the NDC will beat the NPP hands down, are they wrong? Free and fair elections were held in Assin North and the figures are there to show.

The Electoral Commission has been able to conduct two free, fair, and transparent elections. The NDC is praising them and the NPP are having problems with that. So NDC should not give credit to those who deserve those credits?

Let the NPP know that the NDC is praising the EC, not because they won the Assin North by-election. They are praising the EC because it conducted free, fair, and transparent elections in Assin North. So long as the EC behaves normally, the NDC will win the Presidential elections and will hold the majority in parliament all the time.

By the way, has Dr. Peter Appiahene resumed duties at the EC? The last time I checked, he had not resumed duties even though he has been sworn in a long time ago. The court bailiffs should go back to the EC and check if he has reported for duty.
Assin North Member of Parliament: Hon. Gyakye Quayson (58%)

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.

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