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Dr. Lawrence writes: The message in Assin North should be very clear

by Fila News Gh
Assin North

This desperate action by the NPP by taking Hon. Quayson to court should equally be met by a clearer message to the Assin North people and this is what I suggest:

The NDC should let it be clearer to the Assin North people that they should be very sad over what the NPP is doing to one of their own, because as soon as they finish being that stupid, whoever is listening, would be next.

We should cite the cases of Prof. Frimpong-Boateng, the guy who contested their current candidate and their 2020 candidate. Explain in clear terms to them that those people are/were NPP members just like them, but because the NPP is just interested in power, they will do anything very stupid for the power, and once they get it, they dump their victims.

The NDC should continuously remind the people of Assin North that the NPP candidate will not be able to vote in the by-election because he is not one of them. So, God forbid, and he wins the by-election, he can’t vote on any development projects for Assin North until December 7, 2024. Their vote therefore for the NPP candidate is to put on hold any developments for Assin North for almost two years.

The NDC should constantly remind them of the by-election in Kumawu and tell them how the NPP abandoned them after the by-election, even though that is their stronghold. It should be made loud to the ears of the people of Assin North that, the NPP is not a political party worth dying for. Again, you can cite the instances of Prof. Frimpong-Boateng, their 2020 Parliamentary Candidate, and the guy who contested their current candidate.

The NDC should not tell the Assin North people to collect any monies the NPP will give them but vote against them. That strategy belonged to the 1990s. Money changes minds. We should rather tell them to reject those monies to send a message to the NPP that, they are not idiots. NDC should do a better job explaining that to them.

The NPP know they can’t win Assin North, but they want to up their numbers to boost the candidacy of Dr. Bawumiah. They are therefore taking all the risk in elections. They are doing silly things like there is no 2024. The NDC should remain calm, vigilant, and focused. On June 27, the God of NDC will have mercy and speak for Hon. Joe Quayson.
Aba no, Quayson afa

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA..
Someone should remind Godfred Dame that his government has just one and a half years to go

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