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Pokuase interchange crush barriers stolen.

by Albert Edem Agbenyegah
Pokuase interchange

Pokuase interchange after completion became the country’s first-ever four-tier interchange in Accra on the Accra- Nsawam- Kumasi Highway. It was commissioned for use  by President Akuffo-Addo, July 9, 2021. The project involved the construction of the 6.5km Awoshie-Pokuase road, an interchange at the intersection of ACP Junction to Awoshie to Nsawam road, two footbridges, Widening of the Nsawam road by 2km, drainage works, provision of streetlights and the construction of 12km of town roads in the enclave.

According to the President at the time of commissioning the Pokuase interchange, the Pokuase Interchange was an integral part of comprehensive measures the government had put in place to address congestion in the urban centres and help improve travel times on major arterial roads.

However, months on, thieves have eyed the interchange with an estimated cost of 94.8 million dollars which was funded by the African Development Bank and the Government of Ghana. Some individuals have stolen the newly installed galvanized crash barriers mounted at the interchange. Some irate Ghanaians have taken to various social media platforms asking if the thieves know the consequences of their actions to other road users.

The crash barriers stolen are valued at $3,500. The crash barriers just like other road furnishings are meant to protect vehicles from falling off high embarkment onto the main road for vehicles coming from Kwabenya.

In addition, 40 streetlights on the stretch have also been damaged with the total number of crash barriers stolen as 10 all measuring 4 feet.

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