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Corrupt institutions in Ghana are Office of the Presidency and The Ghana Police Service-Afro barometer survey.

by Fila News Gh

Corrupt institution usually mentioned by Ghanaians during public discussions such as calling into radio discussions have fingered the police as “bribe takers” in their dealings with the public.

But the Office of the Presidency has been mentioned together with the Ghana Police in the recently released Afro barometer survey by CDD-Ghana.

55 percent of Ghanaians fingered the Presidency as the most corrupt in the country whiles 40 percent said it was partly.

For the Ghana Police Service, 65 percent of Ghanaians believe most police are corrupt, while 31 percent believe only some police are.

The report also placed members of Parliament as the third group of people in the pack with a score of 54%.

In relation to funds that was accrued to fight Covid- 19 and how it was disbursed, 44% responded that a lot of the funds was stolen due to corruption whiles 10 % had littlie perception on what could have happened to the funds.

The question posed to the respondents was “Considering all of the funds and resources that were available to the government for combating and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, how much do you think was lost or stolen due to corruption?”

More than three-fourths (77%) of Ghanaians say the level of corruption in the country increased “somewhat” or “a lot” over the past year, a 24-percentage-point jump compared to 2019. Among key public institutions, the Ghana Armed Forces, religious leaders, traditional leaders, and the courts are the most trusted

Details of the survey was made known at an event in Accra put together by the CDD-Ghana. The project bordered on democratic governance, trust in institutions and corruption.

The sample size of 2,400 people was distributed across regions/states/provinces and urban/rural areas in proportion to their share in the national population.

Fieldwork for Round 9 in Ghana was conducted from 4th to 20th April, 2022.

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