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Achraf Hakimi: How a chief died after his wife added blended bottles to his meal

by Fila News Gh
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As the conversations about the confirmed reports of Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi playing a cunning or smart one on his estranged wife by registering all his properties in his mother’s name continue,

Godsbrain Captain Smart, the host of Onua TV’s morning show has told a chilling story that he claims happened in Kumasi.

Captain Smart fully endorses the actions of Hakimi and believes that if most men were aware of this tactic, they would not have been fleeced by their wives.

achraf hakimi

Captain Smart on Monday, April 17, 2023, recounted a story of how a sub-chief died after eating a served by his wife.

“I agree totally with you. If men knew this from ancient times, we would be safe. There was a chief in Kumasi, his wife blended bottles and added them to a meal. The man died after eating that meal. The wife did that to him.

“If your wife ever serves you food and she refuses to eat that particular meal, don’t eat else you’ll die. We will register our properties in our grandmothers’ name, not our mother’s. Our mothers are close so they can be disturbed. My mother comes first before everything”, he said.

PSG star, Achraf Hakimi and his wife, Hiba Aboukhris Benslimane known in the entertainment industry as Hiba Abouk are currently in court litigating their marriage.

achraf hakimi

Hiba and Achraf Hakimi first met in July 2018 when the Moroccan international was playing in the German Bundesliga on loan from Real Madrid. They dated for two years before exchanging vows.

The couple welcomed their first child Amin the year they got married before welcoming their first son Naim Hakimi in 2022.

However, the love story hit the rocks after it was reported by the France media that Hiba Abouk has filed for divorce and is demanding 50% of Achraf Hakimi’s wealth.

According to unconfirmed reports on social media, Hiba Abouk was informed by the Court that her millionaire husband owns nothing because all his properties have been registered in his mother’s name.

This means that Hakimi has no money, property, cars, houses, or jewelry, and even the utensils he has in his house are not in his name.

achraf hakimi

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